A must-watch video for everybody. Watch this minimum of five times, and make sure all of your new associates do the same.

Weekly Training

Every Monday @ 8:30pm CST

Call in number: 712.338.7506
PIN: 6552996

This call should be a standard part of your PTN business every week.

Bring ALL of your Associates and feel free to bring guests who have already been through a presentation webinar.

No newbie guests.

If you are new to the business listen to each one in succession.  Make the time and you will not regret it.

Nov. 1st recording (1st one)

Our leader Wayne Brown, a multi-million dollar earner, shares his experience and knowledge in network marketing. In this training, learn the basic mindset in this industry, and Q&A’s with Keith O’Brien and Wayne including how to get people to look at the business, how to approach people, what to do when you screw up your approach, connecting with people, and more.

Nov. 8th recording

How do you become successful in network marketing? Learn about the attitude roller coaster, the three underlying questions your prospects are always asking, the reasons why 3-way calling is critical in this business and when to do it, and some of Wayne Brown’s million dollar phrases.

Nov. 22nd recording

Your attitude and belief in the business and protecting them, creating a “touchstone” you can go back to when you feel lost, your “why” vs. your “how”, or daily method of operation, and a little teaser on the exciting update that PTN will be announcing very soon. Plus another million dollar phrase when people ask you “how much money are you making?”

Nov. 29nd recording

If you missed the live training on this Major Update, watch the recording NOW.

Dec. 6th recording

Listen to the special interview with a PTN associate Billy Brown.  Billy, a teacher and an avid poker player, has reached Green Rounder in a few short months.  How did he do it?  By being coachable, learning everything there was to learn, and following everything he had been taught by his upline.

Dec. 13th recording- How to use the Players Club Gift Cards

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